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Solve your Manufacturing Puzzle

Explore the capabilities of Jaycon in manufacturing personalized parts. Jaycon offers an efficient solution for simplifying the production of complex and premium hardware pieces that meet your specific requirements.

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We transform businesses

Let's shape the future with next-generation hardware

Are you an engineer, entrepreneur, sourcing manager, operations director, or part of a startup? Then, our services are for you. Jaycon’s product design and manufacturing services enhance your current role so you can focus on what matters most.

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We're local, but global, too.

Embracing innovative technology, we seamlessly connect and serve our clients globally as if we’re local.

With strategic manufacturing bases in the USA, Vietnam, and China, we’re ideally positioned to access rapidly expanding markets, and cater to our customers’ growing needs, consolidating our reputation as a global leader in the industry.

World-Class Engineering

From Concept to Reality, with Jaycon

Jaycon is your comprehensive solution for all engineering and
manufacturing needs. Find out why industry leaders choose Jaycon as their top preference.

Quick Turnaround

Leveraging in-house machinery, advanced equipment, and a vast vendor network, we expedite projects while maintaining quality, making your visions a reality in record time.

Diverse Technology Expertise

Our team of electrical and mechanical engineers, embedded software experts, drafters, and skilled assemblers stay up-to-date with industry trends, tools and new technologies.

Design for Manufacturing Aptitude

With our deep understanding of engineering and manufacturing, we seamlessly transition from design to production, ensuring success right from project inception.

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We are committed to offering turnkey solutions, as we truly understand the significance of rapid and efficient product development in the modern landscape. We collaborate closely with clients to materialize their hardware vision, embodying a role that extends beyond traditional manufacturing.

Jiten Chandiramani

CEO & Founder

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