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10 Starter Projects for the Raspberry Pi AI Kit

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The new Raspberry Pi AI Kit, featuring the Hailo-8L AI accelerator module, is a powerful tool for tech enthusiasts and hackers. This kit opens up numerous possibilities for creative and advanced AI projects. Here are 10 groundbreaking projects to try with the Raspberry Pi AI Kit in 2024.

What Is the Raspberry Pi AI Kit?

First off, the Raspberry Pi AI Kit is an M.2 HAT+ board integrated with a Hailo-8L accelerator module. The Hailo-8L provides up to 13 tera-operations per second (TOPS) of real-time, low-latency inferencing performance, significantly enhancing the Raspberry Pi 5’s ability to process AI workloads such as object detection, image segmentation, and pose estimation. This powerful combination reduces power consumption and frees up the main processor for other tasks.

The AI Kit is compatible with both first-party and third-party camera modules, supporting multiple cameras simultaneously. The kit includes essential mounting hardware and is available for pre-order for $70 from CanaKit and other approved Raspberry Pi resellers.

Now without further ado, let’s get into the list.

1. AI-Powered Wildlife Camera

Build an intelligent wildlife camera that uses object detection to identify and track animals in their natural habitat. The camera can send alerts or record footage when it detects specific animals, making it perfect for nature enthusiasts and researchers.

2. Real-Time Face Mask Detector

Create a real-time face mask detection system that can be deployed in public spaces to ensure compliance with health guidelines. This project uses the AI Kit to identify whether people are wearing masks and can alert authorities or display messages accordingly.

3. Personal Voice Assistant

Develop a custom voice assistant similar to Siri or Alexa. This assistant can control smart home devices, answer questions, and perform tasks based on voice commands, all processed locally on the Raspberry Pi for better privacy.

4. AI-Based Chess Tutor

Build an AI-powered chess tutor that provides real-time feedback on moves, suggests strategies, and helps improve your game. This project uses image recognition to detect the positions of pieces on the board and offers AI-driven advice.

5. Home Security System with Person Recognition

Design a home security system that uses facial recognition to identify household members and differentiate them from strangers. The system can send alerts and record footage when it detects unfamiliar faces.

6. Autonomous Drone Navigation

Create an autonomous drone that uses AI for obstacle detection and navigation. The drone can be programmed to follow specific paths, avoid obstacles, and even recognize landmarks.

7. Real-Time Translator

Build a real-time language translator that uses speech recognition and translation algorithms to convert spoken language into another language instantly. This device can be incredibly useful for travelers and language learners.

8. AI Music Composer

Develop an AI music composer that generates music based on input parameters such as mood, genre, and instruments. This project combines machine learning with creative expression, allowing you to create unique compositions.

9. Interactive Storytelling Robot

Create an interactive robot that tells stories and engages with users through speech recognition and natural language processing. The robot can answer questions about the story, ask users to make choices, and adapt the narrative based on interactions.

10. Smart Doorbell with Package Detection

Build a smart doorbell that uses AI to detect packages left at the door and send notifications to the homeowner. It can also recognize visitors and provide real-time video feeds.


The Raspberry Pi AI Kit is a versatile tool that opens up countless possibilities for innovative projects. Whether you’re interested in wildlife monitoring, home security, or creative AI applications, this kit provides the hardware and software needed to bring your ideas to life. Explore these projects and push the boundaries of what’s possible with the Raspberry Pi AI Kit.

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