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Using The EM-18 RFID Module With Arduino

image of using the em-18 rfid module with arduino

EM-18 RFID Module This tutorial will show you how to quickly setup and start using the EM-18 RFID Module. Before continuing with this tutorial, watch the demo video to get a better understanding of how the product works, and then try it yourself! What you need: Buzzer and the LED are optional. The EM-18 Module […]

What Is The Minimum Wall Thickness For My Injection Molded Parts?

image of minimum wall thickness for my injection molded parts

High-quality injection molded plastic casing pulls your whole product together into a neat package. Winning product development means any walls within your product must be stable in order to maintain its overall structure and quality. Makers and entrepreneurs know this, so it’s not uncommon for those working with Jaycon Systems to ask what the minimum […]

Bluetooth Technology: What Has Changed Over The Years

image of bluetooth technology

You’ve almost certainly used a Bluetooth headset or earpiece. You or someone you know has probably used a Bluetooth-enabled device to listen to music. Maybe you’ve even used one to find a misplaced cell phone or to track the progress of your fitness routine. The technology behind Bluetooth has evolved significantly over the last 20 […]

Programming a Single 7 Segment Display

programming a single 7 segment display

This tutorial will introduce you to a 7 segment display, and show you how to display a number (0 – 9) on a single 7 segment display. We see these displays every day and rarely think about how they work. These displays can be found on your digital alarm clock, elevator numbers, gas station price […]