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Box Assembly & Packaging

Jaycon’s box assembly & packaging capabilities include coordination of raw materials and inventory management, assembly line production, inspection, final functional checks and electronic testing.

Secondary, Box Assembly & Packaging Services

Jaycon’s state of the art facility, wide range of equipment, knowledge and experience combined with our culture allows us to customize our services for you which enables you to maximize ROI, reduce time- to-market and focus on your core expertise. We offer complete or partial secondary product assembly, box assembly & packing services specializing in high volume, labor intensive operations.

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Secondary Services

Secondary services refer to additional processes or operations that enhance and refine a product after its primary manufacturing stage. These services often involve specialized techniques or technologies that contribute to the final product’s quality, functionality, or aesthetics. In the context provided earlier, examples of secondary services include milling, drilling, tapping, routing, ultrasonic welding, heat staking, adhesion & gluing, and pad printing. These services are crucial for achieving precision and customization in the manufacturing process.
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Assembly Services

Assembly services involve the integration of individual components or parts to create a complete and functional product. This stage often follows the manufacturing of individual elements and requires expertise in combining these elements seamlessly. Assembly services can encompass various industries, including electronics, mechanics, and medical devices. In the given context, examples of assembly services include medical assembly, mechanical assembly, custom hand assembly, manufacture of sub-assemblies, electronic assembly, and label application.

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Packaging Services

Packaging services involve the preparation and presentation of products for distribution, sale, or use. This includes activities such as designing, labeling, and assembling packaging materials. Packaging services play a crucial role in marketing and protecting products during storage and transportation. In the provided context, examples of packaging services include retail preparation, individual bagging, bulk packing, box labeling (printing and affixing), and drop shipping. 

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At Jaycon, we do a lot more then just box assembly & packaging, we’re your all-in-one solution. From cutting-edge product design and rapid prototyping to precision injection molding and circuit board manufacturing, we’ve got you covered. Explore our comprehensive suite of services to turn your ideas into reality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

These frequently asked questions can help better understand Jaycon’s expertise, processes, and approach to confidentiality.

At Jaycon, our box assembly process begins with a detailed assessment of the product specifications. Our skilled assembly team meticulously follows standardized procedures, ensuring precise fitting and alignment. We employ advanced equipment to streamline the process, adhering to quality control measures at every stage.

Jaycon provides versatile packaging solutions tailored to meet diverse needs. Our offerings include custom-designed boxes, protective inserts, and labeling options. We prioritize functionality and aesthetics to ensure that the final packaging not only safeguards the product but also enhances its overall presentation

Absolutely. We understand the significance of branding in today's market. Jaycon offers customization options for branding elements, such as logos, colors, and taglines, to align with your brand identity. Our team collaborates closely with clients to ensure that the final product reflects their unique branding strategy.

 Jaycon places a high emphasis on quality control throughout the box assembly and packaging process. Our dedicated quality assurance team conducts rigorous checks for dimensional accuracy, structural integrity, and visual appeal. We adhere to industry standards to guarantee that the final product meets or exceeds expectations.

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