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Culture and Team

As we propel innovation in manufacturing, our unwavering focus at Jaycon is on empowering local businesses and fostering new product development for companies globally. Our corporate culture revolves around our mission, manifesting through commitments to support the communities where we operate, champion technological innovation, and spearhead sustainability efforts in the global manufacturing landscape.

Jaycon is a vibrant amalgamation of diverse talents, each contributing unique knowledge and skills to drive our company and marketplace forward. Our team encompasses a wide spectrum, ranging from Ph.D. data scientists to aerospace engineers and self-taught programmers. Despite our diverse backgrounds, we are all driven and united by our shared mission.

In our quest for excellence, we are committed to serving local communities, pushing the boundaries of technological innovation, and promoting sustainability practices that extend the impact of manufacturing worldwide.

Opportunities for Growth

If you like to bring ideas to life, Jaycon is the perfect place for you to grow your career. If you are interested in joining our team, we would love for you to be a team player, have a DIY attitude, be open-minded and ready to learn — a lot.

We embody the spirit of pragmatic makers.

Understanding our customers means becoming one with them. We highly appreciate individuals who engage in making, hacking, creating, writing, and inventing, infusing this creativity with a sensible dose of pragmatism for swift actions.

We take full ownership of our projects from start to finish.

At Jaycon, everyone takes ownership of one or more projects or domains.
You’ll have freedom within and
accountability for your projects. Only
you are responsible for getting them
to the finish line.

We’re students and teachers

Given the rapid changes and innovations in our industry, knowledge sharing is integral. At Jaycon, everyone is eager to learn and willing to educate, ensuring we stay informed and adaptive.

Our processes allow us to move faster

While we prioritize results over processes, we recognize the importance of effective project management. We constantly evaluate our processes, asking, ‘Does this make us smarter or faster?’ If not, it’s out.

Crafting the optimal user experience is our priority.

We firmly believe that the superior user experience prevails. Collaborating with diverse teams, we address customer needs comprehensively, considering all facets of the product.

Be honest. Be humble.

At Jaycon, failures are viewed as stepping stones to success, and we encourage open and honest discussions about them. Balancing this with a competitive spirit, we support each other by embracing humility to foster a culture of collective success.

Boost your career

We believe that knowledge is power and the backbone to growth, both professionally and personally. The perfect member to join our team enjoys technology, is eager to learn, and is excited to grow with us.

Benefits Package for Wellness and Balance

This comprehensive employment benefits package promises a harmonious work-life balance and employee well-being. Emphasizing flexibility, it offers a schedule tailored to individual needs.

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Flexible Time

Growth with a 401(k) Retirement Plan.

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Sick Leave

Image of Paid 8 Holidays Jaycon Careers

8 Paid Holidays + Paid Time Off between Dec 25th and January 1st (dates vary every year)

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Gym Membership Reimbursement Program

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Paid Time Off + Unlimited Unpaid Time Off

Open Positions

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Commercial and Industrial Designer

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Project Management Specialist

Palm Bay, Florida