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Project Overview: Bringing Mario Kart to Life

Jaycon collaborated with Universal Studios to develop the Mario Kart AR Headset, an innovative product that transforms the iconic video game into a live, interactive experience. This project was part of the new Super Nintendo World attraction, aiming to blend advanced technology with beloved gaming lore to create unforgettable visitor experiences.

Innovative Design and Development

The development of the Mario Kart AR Headset was marked by significant achievements and challenges:

Impact and Contribution

Initial Concept and Design Requirements: Starting with just a basic concept and a lens, Jaycon embarked on a rigorous two-year development process. This involved creating entirely new hardware and software to meet Universal Studios’ precise specifications.

Engineering Excellence: The design and engineering efforts focused on capturing the essence of Mario Kart in every aspect of the headset. This included streamlined aesthetics inspired by classic Mario Kart vehicles and the integration of advanced motion simulation technologies.

Collaboration with Mira:

Mira, recently acquired by Apple, provided the lenses for the headsets, ensuring high-quality visual components that enhanced the overall augmented reality experience.

Mario Kart AR Heaset
Picture of Mario Kart Manufacturing and Impact
Mario Kart AR headser Manufacturing and Impact
Picture of Conclusions Mario Kart Ar headset Manufacturing and impact

Manufacturing and Impact

Jaycon’s involvement was pivotal in several key areas:

Custom Development: Jaycon handled all aspects of the headset’s creation from scratch, including electronics, software development kits, and even the manufacturing processes.

Production Success: Since the launch, Jaycon has been producing and servicing these headsets for Super Nintendo World in Hollywood and Japan, with orders totaling over $10 million USD.

Award-Winning Product: The Mario Kart AR Headset won the prestigious THEA Award, recognizing its innovation and impact in the theme park industry.


The Mario Kart AR Headset by Jaycon Systems not only revolutionized
the theme park experience at Super Nintendo World but also set a new
standard for interactive entertainment. By blending cutting-edge
technology with creative design, Jaycon helped bring a beloved video
game franchise to life, enhancing the way fans experience Mario Kart
and augmenting the attractions at Universal Studios

Key features of the Mario Kart AR Headset include:

Augmented Reality (AR) Technology:
Immerse yourself in the vibrant and colorful worlds of Mario Kart with our groundbreaking AR technology. With AR glasses that overlay digital elements onto the physical environment, players can interact with virtual objects and characters as they speed through the iconic tracks.

Motion Simulation:
Feel the rush of high-speed racing like never before with our advanced motion simulation technology. Mounted on a dynamic motion base, the ride vehicles tilt, sway, and rotate in perfect synchronization with the action on-screen, delivering a truly exhilarating experience that mirrors the intensity of Mario Kart races.

Interactive Gameplay:
Take the wheel and dive into the heart of the action with interactive gameplay features that put you in control of the race. Collect power-ups, execute skillful drifts, and go head-to-head with friends and family in a thrilling competition to see who will emerge victorious on the Mario Kart circuit.

Precision Engineering:
Designed with meticulous attention to detail, the Mario Kart AR Headset seamlessly blends a revolutionary technology with precision engineering. From the ergonomic design of the headset for maximum comfort during extended gameplay sessions to the flawless performance of the motion simulation system, every aspect of the product has been meticulously crafted
to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience.

Picture Key features of the Mario Kart AR Headset include

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Jaycon Systems collaborated with Universal Studios to develop the Mario Kart AR Headset, an innovative