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Nasa Rings

Project Overview: Pioneering Propulsion Technology

Jaycon partnered with NASA to contribute to the development and production of the NASA Rings, a revolutionary advancement in spacecraft propulsion technology. These rings utilize a magneto-plasma propulsion system, which is a significant innovation in the quest for more efficient and sustainable space travel.

Technological Breakthrough:

The NASA Rings incorporate cutting-edge plasma physics principles to generate propulsion. By harnessing the power of magnetic fields, these rings produce thrust in an efficient and enviromentally friendly manner, marking a major leap forward in propulsion technologies used for space exploration.

Impact and Contribution:

Jaycon contribution to the NASA Rings Project underscores its capability to handle complex , innovative projects that requiere high levels of precision and reliability. This project not only demonstrates Jaycon’s engineering excellence but also its commitment to advancing human capabilities in space exploration.

NASA rings engineering
Rings lateral view

Jaycon's Role: Engineering Expertise in Extreme Conditions

Jaycon’s involvement was pivotal in several key areas:

Design and Optimization: Jaycon’s expertise in high-precision engineering contributed to refining the design of the NASA Rings, ensuring that they met the exacting standards required for space operations.

Manufacturing of Critical Components: Jaycon took charge of manufacturing specific, crucial components for the NASA Rings, employing advanced techniques to meet the demands os space conditions.

Collaborative Development: working closely with NASA engineers, Jaycon helped transition the NASA Rings from theoretical models to practical, deployable technology.


Through the NASA Rings project, Jaycon has cemented its role as a key player in the future of space travel, showcasing its dedication to innovation and excellence in the field of advanced aerospace technologies. This collaboration with NASA highlights Jaycon’s ability to push the bondaries of what is possible in space technology, contributing to a more sustainable and efficient future for space travel


Precise Satellite Positioning
advanced electromagnetic technology enables accurate formation flight and positioning of satellites in microgravity.

Efficient Energy Management
Innovative wireless power transfer system allows for seamless energy sharing between satellites, optimizing mission performance.

Enhanced Navigation Capabilities
Smartphone Video Guidance Sensor (SVGS) integration provides robust vision-based navigation and motion control.

Flexible Satellite Maneuverability
Three degrees of freedom (3DOF) motion control allows for precise satellite orientation and positioning.

Reliable Close-Range Detection
SVGS serves as a compact, reliable sensor for proximity operations between small satellites.

Adaptable to Various Missions
The modular design of RINGS allows for easy customization and adaptation to meet the requirements of differents space missions.

Instantaneous Positioning Feedback      
Advanced metrology system enables real-time navigation and traking of RINGS onboard the ISS.

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