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Virgin Voyages Wearables Wristband

Project Overview:

Virgin Voyages approached Jaycon with a concept for a new wearable product intended to revolutionize the guest experience aboard their brand new cruise line. The initial design aimed to allow guests to seamlessly open their doors and pay for food and beverages without carrying a wallet, but it was not yet manufacturable.

Jaycon's Solution: Design and Production Expertise

Recognizing the need for a durable and practical solution, Jaycon took the concept and re-engineered it into a product ready for mass production.

This involved: Advanced RFID Integration: Implementing RFID technology within a small bracelet, enabling passengers, or “Sailors,” to unlock their cabins, make purchases, and access onboard experiences effortlessly.

Sustainable Materials: Incorporating yarn made from recycled ocean plastic in the bracelet, aligning with environmental sustainability goals. Innovative Manufacturing Techniques: Developing a new method to injection mold the cord into the plastic housing and effectively seal the electronics, ensuring durability in the harsh maritime environment.

Virgin Voyages Wearables Wristband
First Picture collaboration and technical design
Second Picture Collaboration and Technical Design
Virgin Voyages Conclusion

Collaboration and Technical Design

Jaycon collaborated with Mindtribe for the industrial design but took over all the electrical design, design for manufacturing, and the actual manufacturing process. This comprehensive approach ensured that every aspect of the wearable was optimized for functionality, user experience, and manufacturability.

Broadening Industry Impact

Beyond maritime travel, Jaycon demonstrates how similar technologies can revolutionize other industries. For example, integrating RFID technology into wristbands for theme park visitors could enable seamless access to attractions, personalize experiences, and introduce interactive elements within the rides.

Achievements and Impact

Since the launch of the Scarlet Lady and Vigilant Lady cruise ships, Jaycon has manufactured over a million wearables, generating over $4 million USD in revenue and growing annually. This project not only enhanced guest convenience but also set a new standard in wearable technology across the tourism sector


Jaycon’s expertise in design and manufacturing of advanced wearable technologies has not only transformed the passenger experience for Virgin Voyages but also opened avenues for similar innovations across various industries, showcasing the limitless possibilities of interactive experiences.

Key features of the Ford Ventilator include:

Eco-friendly design Made from recycled ocean plastic, our stylish wristbands combine functionality with sustainability, appealing to eco-conscious travelers.

Mobile connectivity Pair your wristband with your smartphone to manage activities and receive updates,enhancing your connectivity and control during your voyage.

Contactless convenience Enjoy the ease of making purchases and accessing experiences with a simple tap of your wristband, promoting a hassle-free cruise experience.

Seamless onboard integration Effortlessly access your cabin and ship amenities with our rfid-enabled wristband, simplifying navigation and interaction aboard virgin voyages

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