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Gallery of Our Work

Discover our impressive gallery of projects at Jaycon. Dive into a visual journey showcasing our expertise in product design, prototyping, injection molding, and circuit board manufacturing.

In-Flight AHRS

This In-Flight AHRS started as a breadboard prototype the client had developed. After providing us with the firmware and a rough 3D print, Jaycon's engineering team was able to design a fully integrated circuit board and manufacturable case to be mounted onto an airplane's dashboard. The client is currently seeking private funding with his finished working prototype.

Collapsible VR Glasses

These collapsible VR glasses were brought to life with its Lockheed Martin patented lenses. The main goal of this product was to offer a VR solution compact enough to fit into the customer's pocket for convenience, while also allowing it to be clipped onto a hat for a hands-free, headband free experience. After providing the initial industrial design sketches, Jaycon was able to take the concept and perfect it into a manufacturable solution to be injection molded.

Water-Saving Shower-Head

After realizing the water-saving shower-heads on the market were overpriced, this client decided it was time to design a solution that was affordable. By using lightweight plastic and chrome-plating techniques, Jaycon achieved a simplified, economical, yet effective shower-head that uses less water than regular shower-heads. With the working prototype in hand, the client is on their way to raise funds for production.

Car Accessory

This car accessory that connects to the driver's phone is a safety device made possible by Jaycon's electrical and mechanical engineering team. Jaycon provided injection molding and PCB assembly services, ensuring their Kickstarter campaign was fulfilled on time.

Beacon Enclosure

This beacon enclosure started as an un-manufacturable solution to enclose electronics. After Jaycon's engineers analyzed it for manufacturability and redesigned it for injection molding, manufacturing costs were drastically reduced. The client then proceeded with an aluminum mold and produced several hundred units for their custom application.

Stethoscope Protector

Long-time paramedic presented Jaycon with a preliminary design of a case to protect stethoscopes. With Jaycon's DFM capabilities, the product was then redesigned for manufacturability and went into production for a fraction of the price it had been quoted for without the redesign — thousands of units were injection molded with a short turnaround of only 3 weeks.

General Aviation Flight Data Logger

This general aviation flight data logger was proposed by an avid pilot who brought it to Jaycon as a rough breadboard prototype. With the work of our industrial designers and mechanical engineers, the final shape was achieved for aerodynamics and manufacturability. Combined with the client's firmware and software, thousands went into production, where Jaycon injection molded and post-processed the plastics, also fabricating and assembling the PCBs.

Bluetooth Key Finder

With thousands of people misplacing their keys every single day, this client wanted a solution to fix this problem. With little technology background, the client allowed Jaycon to take charge on how the product should take shape. Our team worked on almost every single aspect of the product, from industrial design to firmware and packaging, all the way to manufacturing and Kickstarter fulfillment.

Geometric Camera Protector

Although this geometric, weather proof, time-lapse camera was fully developed when the team first approached Jaycon; it wasn't completely designed for manufacturability. After making small modifications to its design in order to comply with injection molding practices, Jaycon was able to manufacture it with no problems during production. Its multiple-part nature required two different molds to accommodate for two different materials used — ABS and silicone.