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Gallery of Our Work

Discover our impressive gallery of projects at Jaycon. Dive into a visual journey showcasing our expertise in product design, prototyping, injection molding, and circuit board manufacturing.

Joystick Accessory

With gamers always looking for ways to enhance their performance during marathons of gaming, this client decided to create a solution to help them do exactly that. After bringing Jaycon the design, our team made small engineering modifications to ensure DFM (design for manufacturing), saving the client time and costs during the production of thousands of units.

Air Quality Sensor

Although the client had a complete design of this air quality sensor, it was not ready to be manufactured. After applying design for manufacturing (DFM) principles, our team was able to injection mold thousands of units with no unforeseen production problems. Jaycon also provided circuit board fabrication and circuit board assembly for this project.

BLE 4.0 Beacon Case

This BLE 4.0 beacon case is a waterproof solution for an existing beacon — it needed to be attachable to walls. It is comprised of two different plastic types, one see-through and one opaque, with insert molds for assembly. Jaycon team designed the case, and after a successfully tested prototype, we manufactured thousands of cases by means of injection molding

Conference Badge

With conference badges becoming popular, this client wanted to make sure he addressed this growing market. They provided the initial idea and concept sketch and Jaycon designers and engineers made sure to make it a reality. From firmware programming and mechanical engineering to injection molding and PCB assembly — our team was involved in every aspect of this project.

Environmental Data Collector

This environmental data collector is the successor of the client's original product. The goal of this project was to improve the original design by adding new features. After successful iterations and a round of designs, our engineering team reengineered both the plastics and the circuit board, making the entire enclosure waterproof so it can withstand weather conditions without affecting the circuit board. Jaycon proceeded with the injection molding of the enclosure and the assembly of the circuit boards.

Arduino Shield

The Arduino shield client knew exactly what they wanted when they approached our team — they were equipped with a BOM (bill of materials) and schematics. With these files in hand, we fabricated the circuit boards and assembled thousands of units.

Bluetooth 4.0 Tag

This Bluetooth 4.0 tag, meant to be used to track multiple objects, was the result of the client's entrepreneurial thinking and Jaycon's hardware engineering capabilities. Jaycon provided their team with our BLE capabilities — engineering both the plastics and the circuit boards and manufacturing thousands of units for their Kickstarter campaign.

Speed Radar

With a BOM (bill of materials) and Gerber files in hand — this client was ready for assembly. Jaycon provided all the SMT assembly services, along with programming, inspection, and testing; all needed to ensure it complied with certification standards — FCC, UL, and CE.

Programmable Wi-Fi Button

Equipped with a great idea, this client brought us a PRD (product requirements document) and rough sketches. After going through the ideation phase, Jaycon designed both the plastics and the circuit boards, prototyping it for testing, and finally manufacturing both the case and the electronics.