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Let's shape the future with next-generation hardware

Explore the capabilities of Jaycon in manufacturing personalized parts. Jaycon offers an efficient solution for simplifying the production of complex and premium hardware pieces that meet your specific requirements.

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Our Manufacturing Services

At Jaycon Manufacturing, we are the catalysts for turning your hardware concepts into tangible innovations. Specializing in a spectrum of services, from product design and prototyping to injection molding and circuit board assembly, we redefine possibilities. Our commitment to fostering creativity and technological advancement sets us apart.

What Our Clients are saying?

Discover why clients trust Jaycon for cutting-edge manufacturing solutions.

Tony Gonzalez
Tony Gonzalez
O.T. Trans has worked with Jaycon for over 5 years and we have teamed on several projects for Disney. It is a pleasure to work with Jaycon and their team, very professional and they do great work.
Josh Johnston
Josh Johnston
My company TrayAway has been working with Jaycon for several years. We have been incredibly pleased with the manufacturing quality, speed of delivery, and overall service and support their team provides! We’re very grateful to be partnered with Jaycon and look forward to working with them for many years to come!
Harrison Kennedy
Harrison Kennedy
We last minute needed a few components installed for a PCB design and the school associated company would not answer the phone. However when we called Jaycon Systems they not only answered but quickly helped us find a solution that would work for our project. If you need any kind of work done this should be the first company you pick everyone is very nice and accommodating.
Nicholas King
Nicholas King
Awesome people that truly care about their work and their customers.
emi madeux
emi madeux
We have been using Jaycon for 2.5 years and they are the best! They are easy to work with, great communication & super friendly staff(especially Minh :) We highly recommend them for your manufacturing needs. -Exo Towers
Charles Fedonczak
Charles Fedonczak
Jaycon Systems performed prototype modifications for me, a complex process - highly specialized work. They modified 10 prototypes, the work was performed as promised, on time, and the quality of the work was flawless. I will use Jaycon again, and I highly recommend them to anyone involved with advanced electronic circuit design.
Trevor Low
Trevor Low
My company would be completely lost without Jaycon. From guiding me through the manufacturing process (with infinite patience and understanding that I'd never done anything like this before), to ensuring the highest quality end-product at the best price, they've helped me immeasurably. My project managers have been great to work with and are always available for a phone call to answer my questions. It's just a great company and I can't recommend them enough.
Shirley tapia
Shirley tapia
Excellent Team! Great quality work and very professional team.
Casey Mongoven
Casey Mongoven
I have worked with Jaycon for over five years on multiple projects and the quality of their work is very high. They are a good reason for the success of my company and I plan to continue to work with them for a long time.

Let's Start A New Project Today

Image of Jay and Derek

Jaycon - Meet Derek and Jay

Derek (left) and Jay (right), started Jaycon out of their garage building affordable electronics kits for students to learn mechatronics. After opening a webstore and making various kits available to be shipped globally, dozens of customers slowly got in touch with them; many requesting custom variations of these electronic kits.
One thing led to another and soon after they started offering custom circuit board services, customers were requesting related services, like mechanical engineering, firmware development, and manufacturing.
Slowly the business adapted to offer a full range of product development and manufacturing services to bring products from idea to reality.

Our Trusted Partners

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Our Locations

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Palm Bay, Florida

2300 Commerce Park Dr. NE Suite 8
Palm Bay, Florida 32905.

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Orlando, Florida

6203 Chancellor Dr. Suite 3450
Orlando, FL 32809

image of shenzhen, china jaycon location

Shenzhen, China

Room 302, 3rd Floor, Baicheng Industrial Park, Xintang Industrial Zone Building D3, Fuyong Street, Bao’an District, Shenzhen, China