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PCB Design Services

Get custom, high-quality printed circuit board services. Our experienced team offers efficient, tailored PCB designs for any project, pursuing reliability and innovation.

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Holistic Design Approach

Jaycon integrates both electrical and mechanical design elements, ensuring a cohesive and functional PCB layout.

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High Quality

Excellence in every layer. Delivering PCB designs that are reliable, durable, and performance-oriented.

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Designed for Manufacturability

Optimized for production ease. Ensuring designs are efficient, cost-effective, and build-ready.

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Rapid Design Services

Quick turnarounds, precision-driven. Meeting deadlines without sacrificing quality.

Jaycon's PCB Design Services

Crafting circuits with precision, Jaycon PCB designs are where innovation meets real-world functionality.

Schematic capture + Layout

The first step in designing a PCB is to create a schematic capture, in which our electrical engineering team draws an overview of the inner workings of the circuit board.


Our engineering team goes beyond PCB design — we add functionality to your product by programming firmware, which acts as a roadmap on how components interact and operate.

PCB Fabrication + Assembly

Once the circuit board is designed, our team will fabricate and assemble the PCBs —ensuring DFA — so it’s ready to be mass manufactured once our client’s demand increases.


Our knowledge of electronics allows us to properly choose components that are specific to each project. This allows us to utilize them to their full capacity and reduce costs by eliminating unnecessary parts in the PCB.

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PCB Design Capabilities

Experience seamless PCB Design and Assembly services with Jaycon. Contact us for a free, personalized quote to streamline your project’s manufacturing process. Our dedicated team ensures high-quality, custom solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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Communication Technologies

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Need Other Services

At Jaycon, we don’t just focus on PCB design services, we’re your all-in-one solution. From cutting-edge product design and rapid prototyping to precision injection molding and circuit board manufacturing, we’ve got you covered. Explore our comprehensive suite of services to turn your ideas into reality.

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Circuit Board

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Gallery of Our Work

Discover our impressive gallery of projects at Jaycon. Dive into a visual journey showcasing our expertise in product design, prototyping, injection molding, and circuit board manufacturing.

In-Flight AHRS

Collapsible VR Glasses

Water-Saving Shower-Head

Car Accessory

Beacon Enclosure

Stethoscope Protector

Frequently Asked Questions

These frequently asked questions can help better understand Jaycon’s expertise, processes, and approach to confidentiality.

Circuit board design, often referred to as PCB (Printed Circuit Board) design, is the process of creating the layout and interconnections of electronic components on a board. It's essential because it determines the functionality, performance, and reliability of electronic devices.

The key elements of circuit board design include selecting components, arranging them on the board, creating electrical connections (traces), adding power and ground planes, and incorporating design rules for manufacturability.

Several software tools are popular for circuit board design, including Altium Designer, Eagle, KiCad, and Cadence Allegro, among others. These tools offer features for schematic capture, PCB layout, and design rule checking.

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