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AirBeam Sensor

AirBeam is an air quality sensor that measures a location’s temperature, relative humidity, and fine particulate matter, also called PM2.5, in the air.

The AirBeam records and then shares the data it has collected with the free AirCasting app on the Android platform, so that anyone can View that location’s air quality on HabitatMap’s online platform.

AirBeam and AirCasting help the non-profit organization HabitatMap track and vocalize the impact of air quality and environments on people’s health.

The breakdown


Orlando, USA


Injection Molding, PCB




Air Quality Sensor, Air sensor, Air Data Collector 


Electronics Industry & Consumer Industry


Design for Manufacturing, Hardware Product Design, Injection Molding, Prototyping 3D Printing, Circuit Board Assembly, Box Build Assembly

Image of AirBeam Sensor by Jaycon
Image of Airbeam by jaycon

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