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Collapsible VR Glasses

These collapsible VR glasses were brought to life with its Lockheed Martin patented lenses. The main goal of this product was to offer a VR solution compact enough to fit into the customer’s pocket for convenience, while also allowing it to be clipped onto a hat for a hands-free, headband free experience. After providing the initial industrial design sketches, Jaycon was able to take the concept and perfect it into a manufacturable solution to be injection molded. 

Jaycon worked with the client through the ideation, prototyping, and manufacturing phases — also being involved with the packaging and fulfillment of all orders to their Kickstarter campaign backers.

The breakdown


Orlando, USA


CNC Machining




Collapsive Glasses, Virtual Reality Glasses


Consumer Industry


Design for Manufacturing, Hardware Product Design, Injection Molding, Prototyping 3D Printing, CNC Machining

Image of collapsible VR Glasses
Image of collapsible VR

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