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Quality Policy

Infographic of quaily policy

At Jaycon, our mission is to bring our client’s product ideas to life while meeting their business needs through the development and manufacturing of their products. We believe in fostering a creative and inclusive work environment that allows our employees to add value to our clients’ projects while driving innovation and growth in the industries we serve. Jaycon’s vision is to become a trusted partner in the development of hardware products of the future.

Our commitment is reflected in our operational principles:

  • We continuously enhance our quality management system to align with the ISO 9001 standard and adhere to legal and applicable requirements, ensuring
    the highest industry standards in our services.
  • We strive to achieve departmental and organizational targets and objectives through a collaborative team approach, embracing the philosophy of total quality management.
  • In our pursuit of excellence, we consistently work towards enhancing the efficiency of all processes, following a continual quality improvement approach to elevate overall productivity.
  • This commitment stands as a testament to our dedication to providing unparalleled support in the development of hardware products, offering reliability, innovation, and expertise every step of the way.