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Reflecting on Jaycon’s Partnership with Ford and GE: Rapid Response During a Crisis

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During the critical stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, Jaycon was called upon by Ford and GE Healthcare to address a severe shortage of medical ventilators. This collaboration highlighted Jaycon’s capability to deliver under immense pressure and showcased their innovative solutions and engineering prowess.

The Challenge

In early 2020, the world faced an unprecedented health crisis with the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to an acute shortage of ventilators necessary for treating critically ill patients. Ford and GE Healthcare, recognizing the urgent need, embarked on a mission to produce 50,000 ventilators in 100 days. Jaycon played a pivotal role in this endeavor by modernizing a decades-old ventilator design and rapidly manufacturing the critical components required.

Achieving the Impossible

Jaycon was tasked with reverse-engineering and manufacturing vital pneumatic timing cartridges for the Airon Model A ventilators. These components were crucial for controlling airflow, ensuring the ventilators’ functionality. Utilizing advanced 3D printing technology, Jaycon swiftly produced and delivered over 50,000 units within two months. This rapid development and production not only demonstrated Jaycon’s precision engineering capabilities but also underscored their commitment to supporting healthcare providers during a global emergency (Ford Media Center).

Source: FOX 35 Orlando.

In a detailed demonstration, Derek Blankenship from Jaycon explained, “This is one of the cases that we have re-designed… so this is actually a prototype case, as well as we’re working on timing cartridges. These are composed of multiple different components, they’re very complex.” This statement highlights the complexity and innovation involved in the project, showing how Jaycon adapted swiftly to meet the urgent demands.

The Collaborative Effort

The project was a collaborative effort involving several companies and high-level coordination. Ford and GE Healthcare partnered with Airon, a small company based in Melbourne, Florida, to produce the Airon Model A ventilators. Initially, Airon could produce only three ventilators per day. However, with the combined efforts of Ford, GE Healthcare, and Jaycon, the production rate was significantly increased. Ford and GE Healthcare’s involvement allowed for rapid scaling of production to meet the pressing demand for ventilators (Ford Media Center).

Jaycon’s role was crucial in this effort. They designed and manufactured parts using 3D printing technology, which was essential for the rapid development and production of ventilators. Derek Blankenship, reflecting on the experience, mentioned, “For a small company, we have several engineers here. We’ve been around for 15 years, but to be on the phone with senior executives from Ford was very humbling, and I’ve been on multiple calls with Ford. They are asking us for feedback on design.” This collaboration underscores the importance of small companies in large-scale manufacturing efforts during a crisis.

Recognition and Impact

Jaycon’s efforts were nationally recognized, receiving coverage on Fox News and earning accolades for their significant contributions to healthcare. This project showcased the ability to deliver high-quality solutions under tight deadlines and highlighted the dedication to societal well-being. The collaboration with Ford and GE Healthcare demonstrated how innovative engineering and swift action could meet critical needs during a crisis (Ford Corporate).

Continuing Innovation

As we reflect on this monumental achievement, Jaycon is inspired to continue pushing the boundaries of technology. This experience has solidified our commitment to transforming ideas into reality, driving innovation in various fields beyond healthcare.

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